Words from an 8th grade student

Ms. Allyson Snowden is three things: intelligent, charismatic, and well-liked by students. These three traits are so rarely found in one person that I often find myself wondering genuinely, if Ms. Snowden is an evil genius. Last year, I had the privilege of having her as my 8th grade social studies teacher, and witnessed firsthand the many teaching qualities she possesses.

One of the several unique assets of Ms. Snowden’s teaching was her incorporation of social media and modern technology in her classroom.  She piloted usage of a teach-based program in order to increase organization, and communication within the student population.  The program was quite successful among students, and greatly improved my own progress in her class.

She also integrated current events with out curriculum of American History.  For instance, she would show us the day’s edition of CNN Student News at the beginning of each class period, which kept us up-to-date with national and international issues that we may have been ignorant to otherwise.  This helped develop my own opinions about issues that affect our country.

Personally, my favorite part of her teaching was her heavy interaction with students.  She would often incorporate us in her lessons by having us perform skits and using us as “characters” in her demonstrations.  This created a fun atmosphere to learn in while also allowing us to be active participants in class.

Most importantly, Ms. Snowden was always a friend to us.  She’d be free for us to talk to about our problems, whether they were academic or personal, and always made others feel comfortable in her classroom.  I had never felt like I could open up to a teacher until she was my teacher.

And so, in the process of writing this letter, I’ve come to the conclusion that Ms. Snowden is indeed an evil genius.  How else could she attain such teaching skills and leave such a lasting impression on her students?  There is simply no other explanation.  In conclusion, she is one of the most memorable teachers I’ve had and am likely to ever have.