Words From a Parent

I am privileged to write this letter of support for Ms. Allyson Snowden. Ms. Snowden has the highest level of admiration from the students, their parents, the staff and the volunteers at Kadena Middle School.

Her passion for teaching not only inspires her students to want to learn for her class, but to strive for more from themselves in other classes. She was available for computer help and for school advice regardless of the class that it was for. This selflessness did not end when she was no longer their teacher. At her current grade, my daughter still regards her as a valuable resource for insight if she needs it. This is due wholly to Ms. Snowden’s ability to be a great leader that consistently displays intelligence, sincerity and creativity, all while running a highly organized and informative classroom. Her ability to show her students her love of learning and using technology spread from the classroom to the home. I have no doubt that the experiences with Ms. Snowden have changed the quality of education for her students. This is evidenced by the large number of former students that hold her in high regard. She raised the bar of expectations for her students as they now believe in their ability to do a better quality of work and enjoy themselves while doing it.

I have experienced many talented people during my many roles as parent, educator, volunteer and PTO officer. Ms. Snowden is, without a doubt, one of the most amazing educators that I have had the pleasure to associate with. She is truly deserving of the Teacher of the Year Award. She always excels at the tasks placed before her and is willing to give generously on all accounts. Her knowledge, passion and determination to make every child truly count at Kadena Middle School is clearly evident. I count it a great honor to have had her influence in our lives during our time at Kadena Middle School.