Lester Middle School

Allyson Snowden is an exceptional Educational Technologist who plays a critical role in ensuring academic and student excellence at Lester Middle School.  She uses creative methods to encourage greater interest for staff and students.  Ms. Snowden collaborates daily with colleagues to promote robust use of technology.  She is proactive and seeks to improve practices, equipment, and resources.  She communicates effectively and establishes partnerships with staff and community members in a flexible and knowledgeable manner.  Ms. Snowden continuously reaches out to parents with proactive and useful information.  Ms. Snowden provides customer support efficiently and effectively.  She utilizes school facilities to the maximum benefit for students and staff.

The Lester Middle School website provides clear communication for incoming and outgoing families because Ms. Snowden works tirelessly to build and update the site.  Her extraordinary talent is also evident in the Lester Facebook page as she highlights relevant information and events while remaining respectful of privacy rules.  Ms. Snowden’s outstanding work at Lester Middle School has touched the lives of all stakeholders. Demonstrating a high level of professionalism, Ms. Snowden is a valued educator who helps build excellence in all that she does.

Dr. Susan Paul
Principal, Lester Middle School