Allyson Snowden is an exceptional Educational Technologist who plays a critical role in ensuring academic and student excellence at Lester Middle School.  She uses creative methods to encourage greater interest for staff and students.  Ms. Snowden collaborates daily with colleagues to promote robust use of technology.  She is proactive and seeks to improve practices, equipment,… Continue reading Lester Middle School

Lester Middle School

Allyson I just wanted to shoot you a message to tell you thank you so much for explaining the process of how to get a school nurse position in Okinawa and getting me in contact with local school nurses here. I got an offer for a full time nurse position at one of the elementary… Continue reading DoDEA Employee

DoDEA Employee

Thank you for providing our teachers with the additional training they requested.  I appreciate the additional time and planning that you invested in our faculty.  I know this will have a direct benefit to our students.  Thank you for being an amazing teacher leader! Kadena Middle School Principal

Kadena Middle School

Allyson, Thank you so much for everything you bring to Lester Middle School.  You are influential in so many ways with staff and students! LMS Assistant Principal

Lester Middle School

Allyson, Sometimes the difference between being ordinary and extraordinary resides in the moment in which passion enters what we teach and how. Thank you for your passion, Dr. Linda Curtis- DoDEA Principal Deputy Director and Associate Director of Academics

DoDEA Leadership

Thank you for presenting at our first Parent University!  I appreciate you taking time out of your busy schedule to empower parents.  You truly have all of our students' best interests at heart. KMS School Principal

Kadena Middle School

Hello Allyson, I can't thank you enough for sharing your experience and expertise with us during our student-teacher seminar yesterday.  Your advice and life experience are an invaluable resource. Thank you

Bowie State University, Teacher Prep Program

Ms. Allyson Snowden is three things: intelligent, charismatic, and well-liked by students. These three traits are so rarely found in one person that I often find myself wondering genuinely, if Ms. Snowden is an evil genius. Last year, I had the privilege of having her as my 8th grade social studies teacher, and witnessed firsthand the… Continue reading Words from an 8th grade student

Words from an 8th grade student

I am privileged to write this letter of support for Ms. Allyson Snowden. Ms. Snowden has the highest level of admiration from the students, their parents, the staff and the volunteers at Kadena Middle School. Her passion for teaching not only inspires her students to want to learn for her class, but to strive for… Continue reading Words From a Parent

Words From a Parent