Teacher of the Year


AllysonBurns_8x10The day I was announced as the District Teacher of the Year, I was preparing to accompany 30+ students to the local community center for the district-wide National History Day competition.  Before we left, my principal asked me to stop by his office.  When I arrived, he handed me the phone.  My immediate thought was something happened to my daughter. The voice on the other end was none-other than my superintendent.  He casually and calmly told me that I had been selected and offered his congratulations.  At that very moment, I was reminded why we as educators work so hard. We work hard for our students.  We strive for greatness in order to ensure that our students receive nothing but the best.

There are so many deserving teachers in my district.  I am very grateful for the recognition and continuous support that I have received from both my principals and my colleagues.  I was also honored that my colleague, a fellow teacher nominated me.  She herself was a former district teacher of the year.  I challenge you to nominate those teachers who go above and beyond.  Who are always willing to support others and who put students first!

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During my time as Teacher of the Year, I began to think about how I personally could help other teachers.  I created two Facebook groups that create a place for educators to come together and discuss all things education:
This group consists of 50+ DoDEA Teachers of the Year from all over the world.  Teacher leadership is our passion and creating more teacher leaders is our goal.
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This group is dedicated to teachers who are all members of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. The group currently has over 7,000 AKAEducators.  It is a professional development powerhouse and a source of sisterly relations and sisterly love.
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