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Summer Break 2017

Like all effective, hardworking and connected teachers do, I have spent the year trying my best to be the best that I can be.  This blog post will chronicle my summer holiday plans from June-August.   

More to come. . .

June 21, 2o17-
So the day started with my alarm alerting me to wake up at 0530.  I had to wake up so early because I did not prepare well.  I hadn’t finished packing for Ava or myself and I still had to clean my home because I had a dear friend house sitting for a month. Everything went as planned.  We finished packing, went to the Exchange to find some rose gold Beats (was not successful in locating a pair) and had Subway for breakfast (Ava’s choice).  We took a taxi to the airport and starting our journey.  Prior to arriving at the airport, I was notified by United that my flight leaving Tokyo was delayed at least 3 hours. I arrive to the airport in Okinawa with just enough time to spare only to be alerted that the flight was delayed.  After boarding, we sat on the plane idol for nearly 30 minutes.  Once we were airborne, I thought we were in the clear… nope, didn’t happen. We were notified by the Captain that there was some bad weather and turbulence ahead. The plane could not land in Tokyo fast enough.  We arrived and were given the bad news that our flight leaving Japan was delayed 3+ hours.  Thank God for my United Gold Status and the United Lounge.

June 24-
The moment when you finally see your mom and dad after months of only talking to them on the phone is a fantastic feeling.  Living overseas and working for DoDEA provide me with so many opportunities but sacrifices are made.  I miss spending time with my family and friends.  My mother is affectionately known as RoadWarrior1, and subsequently, I am RoadWarrior2.  When we are together, we hang out until late at night.  Where did I watch the 2017 NBA draft?  At Buffalo Wild Wings with my 70+ year old mother at midnight.  That’s just how we do.

I woke up this morning full of anticipation.  Today, we finally visited the SmithsoSmithsonian-nmaahc-outside-20160720nian Museum of African American History in Washington, D.C..  Even before walking in, I became overwhelmed with various emotions.  Just looking at the beautiful architecture of the outside of the building caused me to cry.  As we walked inside, we immediately felt the vibrant spirit of African American culture and my ancestors.  Multi-generational families journeying through the museum brought even more tears to my eyes.  This fantastic museum takes you on a voyage from the multiple facets of slavery to present day.
The interactive displays depicting the horrors of slavery and the journey through the middle passage were both enlightening and horrific.  The sites and the sounds of the slaves’ journeys on the ships was terrifying to observe.
As we traveled to another level of the museum, we were met with the comforting voice of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  We then saw the image of a man who made history, not only African American history, but American history.  It was none other than Former President Barak Obama and his lovely family.  The children19510150_10154492844127890_5148540969815340072_n were excited to see a familiar face and tell me everything they know about President Obama.
We finished our tour with a step show presented by yours truly.  We were able to follow an interactive display.  This form of art is definitely grounded in African American culture.  Everyone knows I am a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated.  I gleamed with excitement when I stumbled upon the display dedicated to The Divine 9.  The Alpha Kappa Alpha line jacket and pictures were amazing to see.  I would recommend EVERYONE go and visit this wonderful museum.
Click here for information about the museum

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