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My Favorite Ways to Say Goodbye at the End of the School Year

  1. Sayonara speeches- Call each student to the front of the class and say something positive about every single one.  This is especially important for those students who may have required a little more redirecting compared to others.  I did this every year when I was in the classroom.  It was very important to me to end our school year on a positive note.  I often times became emotional because I had built a bond with my students.  I recently attended graduation for the class of 2017, and a few of my students who graduated made comments regarding our end of the year speeches.  It means the world to me that they remember my words and the emotions behind them.  
  2. Time Capsules- Time capsules work great for grades 1, 5, and 8 (in my opinion).  As an 8th grade History teacher,  I spent the entire year with my students studying the past, making connections to the present and even sometimes predicting the future.  I was fortunate enough to be able to open a time capsule at my school that had remained closed for 10 years.  At that moment, I got the idea that my students would all produce their own personal time capsules.  This became our end of the year project which lasted the last two weeks of school.  Students were required to write a letter to their future selves answering questions given to them.  There was a component of the time capsule that required students to work with their parents in order to complete the project.  At the recent graduation that I attended, my students were excited to tell me that they were going to open their capsules as soon as they got home.  What better way for students to be reminded of how far they have come in just 4 short years.


This is just a quick blog post to wrap up the end of the school year.  I hope this year has treated you very well.  Love to you from me…

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