TheAKAEducator's Life

Why I Teach

Why did you become a teacher?  Every educator is asked that question at some point throughout their career.

I started with only a dream, that then turned into a plan, and I am now putting my plan into action. Growing up, I never imagined I would become a teacher.  I knew that I loved helping people.  I also knew that I wanted to have some form of power.  Well in my classroom and in the classrooms of teachers that I support, I do help, both students and teachers, and I do have the power.  I have the power to promote literacy, team-work, and a love for learning.  The power to connect with students and show them that I support and care for them immensely.  The power to positively impact the school culture and climate in my building and at other schools within my district.  The power to teach all learners no matter their abilities.  The power to work hand in hand with administrators in fostering an environment conducive to educational greatness.

The real question for non-first year teachers is why do we continue being a teacher?  Why do we go back to our classrooms/offices everyday?  For me the answer is simple, I love students!  Even on those difficult days where it seems like no matter what I do, no one is grasping the concept of my lesson, I still love my students.  Even when they do not have their homework ready to turn in or if I’ve given them a few weeks to complete a project and they come in on the day it is due and it is not complete, I still love them.

I teach because of my students.  It is imperative that educators and administrators remind ourselves daily that our students have lives too.  They have daily struggles that will sometimes get in the way of our standards, assessments and curriculum, and that is OK.  Life happens and students need to know that we are there to support them not only as learners of curriculum, but also as individuals.  There are times when we all will need someone to listen and students are the same way.  Make the time.  If you witness behavior that is out of the ordinary, inquire.

When we have those difficult moments, remember why we do what we do.  It is not only about the curriculum, but it is also about molding and encouraging productive citizens.

Take a Bite of Learning Every Day

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